Holden Officer Lends Helping Hand Shoveling After Snowstorm 

After two snowstorms in three days, most of us weren’t too happy about shoveling snow again on Sunday morning.Holden Patrol Officer Chris Greeley decided he wanted to help out. So he threw a shovel in his cruiser during his shift on Sunday.In between calls, Greeley drove around looking for folks who needed some help shoveling.”The first one I saw, she was in her 30s, so not really a big deal, but she’s by herself, a lot of snow, I said, ‘Do you need a hand?’ she said,’Yeah, that’d be great, but who could really use a hand is my grandmother who lives right over there.'””So I went over and here comes Grandma, who’s almost 91, and she’s gonna be out there, she’s got this giant thing and she’s gonna be out there by herself. I said “No, no, no,” said Greeley.Greeley helped shovel at around a dozen houses on Sunday. He said people seemed to really appreciate it.