Bangor Preps for New Year’s Eve Downtown Countdown 

On Monday night, thousands of people will be counting down to 2013 in downtown Bangor, but for months the planning committee has been counting down to the countdown.They’ve planned a full day of events including a 5K run, several performances, and, something new they’re excited about this year, the Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bunyan Contest.As for nightlife, organizers worked hard to include a variety of options for those ringing in 2013 in Bangor.”You can go from sort of a piano bar to swing dancing to a blues thing, so there’s all these different experiences happening indoors and then when the ball drop actually happens everybody pours out into the street and there’s thousands of people standing in the street and all the streets are blocked off and it’s kind of surreal, it’s very cool,” said Betsy Lundy, Chair of Downtown Bangor’s Marketing and Events Committee and member of the Downtown Countdown planning committee.For a full schedule of events, visit