Same-Sex Couples Married During Early Morning Ceremonies In Bangor 

“I had more anticipation counting down to today then I would on New Year’s Eve. Today is a larger for all of us,” said Makayla Reid, who worked for the EqualityMaine campaign.It was one for the history books, as the first same-sex marriages ever took place in Maine.“The law for same-sex marriage went into effect this morning, so to accommodate those people who wanted to get married today the city council had voted to open the offices,” said Lisa Goodwin, Bangor City Clerk.Folks gathered inside Bangor City Hall before the sun came up, patiently waiting for their turn to apply for a marriage license.Several notaries volunteered to marry couples on the spot, free of charge.“I’m a longtime alli of the GLBT community and it’s a privilege to be here this morning, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world,” said Karen Foley, a notary public who officaited a cermony on Saturday.Being one of the first in Bangor to marry seemed a bit surreal for some.“Up until a few weeks ago, we never really seriously thought about it, because we didn’t think it would be possible in our lifetime and each day since then, in the last few weeks, it’s just been more and more exciting. We really appreciate, you know, thankful for the 53% of the population of Maine who said we coulddo this, even though it does seem kind of strange to wait for the public to approve what you’ve wanted to do for the past 21 years,” said Jim Beckett, who married his partner of 21 years, Kenn Tidd.“I think the fact is, it’s not going to be a note, it’s just going to happen like every other couple. There’s fanfare today because the change in the law is historic, but overtime, I would expect it to be the same as any other couple getting married regardless of orientation,” said Joe Baldacci, Bangor City Councilor, and notary public, who also officated a marriage on Saturday.