University of Maine Student Raising Money for Sandy Hook Elementary 

When tragedy happens, most people want to help. For one University of Maine student, she’s doing her part, to let the people of Newtown, Connecticut know, Mainers are thinking of them. Any good crafter knows, it’s a lot of hard work. ” Making the candles is a really long process, but it’s fun for me because I like crafting,” said Samantha Laverdiere. Samantha Laverdiere doesn’t just like crafting, she also likes kids. When she heard what happened in Newtown, Connecticut, she knew she had to do something. ” It really stuck with me because the kids I was working with are only a year or two younger than the kids that died,” said Laverdiere. It started off with ribbons, and has grown to much more. ” Ribbons, candles, and one of my friends hopped on and decided to make bracelets as well,” said Laverdiere. The colors are green and white, the colors of Sandy Hook Elementary School. ” I think people after it happened were looking for something to kind of start a healing process, or like looking for a way to help, and I hope that this helps people do that,” said Laverdiere. Her original goal was to raise a couple hundred dollars, but she’s already surpassed that. ” Within the first few days we raised $500,” explained Laverdiere. She knows there’s nothing simple about crafting, and there’s nothing simple about pain, but she hopes her ribbons, candles, and bracelets, make a difficult time, a little easier. All of the money raised will go to Sandy Hook Elementary School. Samantha is going to deliver the check herself next month. Ribbons are $1, bracelets are $3, and candles are $8. If you’d like to donate or get in touch with Samantha, you can visit her Ribbons for Sandy Hook Elementary Facebook page by clicking here. You can also email Samantha at [email protected] .