Storms No Match for BIA Snow and Ice Removal Crews 

Thursday’s storm caused travel issues for those who planned on flying out of Bangor.Most flights at Bangor International Airport were cancelled.Airport Director, Tony Caruso, says that because the storm was expected, many passengers were prepared to deal with delays and cancellations, keeping most travel for the day fairly smooth.The airport’s award-winning snow and ice removal crews battled the storm all day. In conditions like this, they keep two shifts running on opposite 12 hour shifts.”Our crews have been out there all morning, making sure the runway and taxi way system are still open. Sort of our claim to fame is our runway does not close,” said Caruso.It’s a blustery, windy expanse, over two miles long, that requires constant maintenance.Airfield Maintenance Supervisor Marty Kelly looks at many factors on the runway before a plane can land.”You can’t have slush, you can’t have more than an inch of loose snow and you can’t have drifting snow that would interfere with landing of the aircraft. Anything poor we can’t allow a plane to land, so we have to do something to bring the conditions up,” said Kelly.Kelly says it’s always a challenge, but one that’s become a coordinated routine. “It’s the crew, everybody involved, you know, it’s a team effort and as long as everyone is working together, things get done in a timely fashion and things go great, actually. We have to stay right at it and make sure it’s open and ready to go,” said Kelly.