Brother and Sister Found; Police: It’s a good feeling 

A day of winter fun turned to panic Thursday in Ellsworth. ” They had been sledding earlier in the day in the woods behind their home, and they hadn’t come back. The parents went looking for them, couldn’t find them,” said Officer Kelvin Mote, with the Ellsworth Police Department. A brother and sister, 8 and 9 years old, were missing. ” As a parent, you can’t imagine what you would be going through in that situation. No one can say until they’re there,” said Mote. Members of the Ellsworth Police and Fire Departments, Maine State Police, and Maine Game Wardens searched the woods off of Branch Pond Road. ” Our job is to get out here and find these kids and find them safely and as quickly as we can, and today, that turned out well,” said Mote. Nearly two hours into the search, crews found the kids. ” Just pure joy and relief,” described Mote. The brother and sister had been walking around in the woods and got lost. Thankfully, the children are fine. ” They were extremely excited to see someone with flashlights and warm coats,” said Mote. It was relief for the parents and for rescue crews. ” Those kids weren’t found by any one person, they were found by all of us. It’s a good day. It’s a good feeling,” said Mote. It’s a happy ending, to a scary story.