Top 10 News Stories in Maine for 2012 

As we get ready to ring in 2013, a look back now at the people and events that everyone was talking about this year.The Associated Press has released its Top 10 news stories for 2012.As Joy Hollowell tells us, politics dominates more than half of the list.===Let it snow…let it snow…let it snow. That’s what a number of us are saying after last year’s lackluster winter. Warmer than usual temperatures throughout 2012 make this the tenth top news story of the year.Maine’s youngest person to be charged with homicide in at least 30 years makes the list at number nine. The 10-year old girl, who TV 5 is not naming, is charged with killing 3-month-old Brooklyn Foss-Greenaway.The baby was left in the care of the girl’s mother, 30-year-old Amanda Huard, at her Fairfield home when police say she was killed. The baby’s mother, Nicole Greenaway, says she was told by police her infant daughter was given an overdose of medication and smothered.Changes in eligibility requirements for Mainecare are number 8 on the list. In an effort to fill an $80 million dollar budget shortfall, Governor LePage cut off Mainecare for 19 and 20-year-olds, and reduced drugs for seniors, home visitation services and Headstart. Thousands of Mainers were affected by the reduction.$450 million in damage to a nuclear-powered sub ranks this story as seventh. The submarine burned for 12 hours before the blaze was finally out. 24-year old Casey Fury pleaded guilty to setting that fire – as well as another one outside the submarine a few weeks later. Lots of lobstahs makes the list at number six. Earlier than usual shedding this past spring created a glut of the crustaceans and a plummet in price. Canadian lobstermen blamed Maine-caught lobster for driving down sales for them as well. They protested outside several processing plants and blocked trucks from delivering Maine lobster. Maine’s elections make the halfway point in AP’s top 10 list, specifically Ron Paul supporters. Back in May, they took over the Maine Republican party state convention. Later, the Republican National Committee would strip away 10 Paul delegates elected at the state convention and award them to Mitt Romney because of procedural violations.The alleged prostitution scandal in Kennebunk ranks number four on the list of top news stories in Maine. Alexis Wright is accused of running the business out of her Zumba studio. She and her alleged business partner, Mark Strong, Sr. are both awaiting trail.We’re back to the elections for story number three. The results of the November vote created a shift in power in Maine’s legislature. Democrats regained control of the House and Senate after two years of a GOP majority.Coming in second is another ballot item, the legalization of same sex marriage. Mainers overturned the law three years ago but passed it in November. They join Maryland and Washington as the first states to pass gay marriage by popular vote.And, after nearly 40 years in public service, Olympia Snowe shocked the nation in February when she announced she was not seeking re-election. The U.S. senator’s decision to leave politics and former governor Angus King’s decision to re-enter and win her seat, make this story Maine’s top newsmaker of the year.++++Two high-profile crime stories garnered a number of votes as well, according to the Associated Press.The deaths of two men and a woman, whose bodies were found inside a burned out car in Bangor last August. And a triple death in Alton last month, which investigators now believe was a murder, double suicide.