Shop Owners Hoping Customers Spend Christmas Cash Locally 

As Mainers get out and spend their Christmas cash, some business owners are hoping you’ll continue to buy local. Stores were busy Wednesday in downtown Waterville. The folks at Barrels Community Market say they’ve definitely seen more shoppers than usual. Barrels offers products from 250 to 300 local vendors. You can pick up Maine-made pottery, soaps, granola, jerky, popcorn, spices, birdhouses and more. Barbara Berger, a volunteer at the store, says she’s seen a growing interest among people to purchase local products.”When people spend their money locally the money stays in the local economy, as opposed to going to a big box stores where the money goes elsewhere. It helps to keep people employed here, it helps our farmers, it helps our vendors, so it’s good for everybody”Besides household essentials and gifts, Barrels also sells locally grown produce, all year long.