Freeport Flag Ladies Honor Sandy Hook Victims 

They are the Freeport Flag Ladies.They’re well known for their dedication to honoring our troops.Tuesday, the group took time to honor another group, the victims of the school shootings in Connecticut.587 Tuesdays. That’s how many times the three have stood out in rain-shine-and snow as a reminder of the September 11th attacks, but there’s something different about this particular Tuesday. On this Christmas Tuesday, the ladies are remembering a different tragedy as they said and remembered every single one of the victims of the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, and this Tuesday, the ladies don’t stand alone. Students like 16 year old Haley Sanborn helped with the event by writing names on the balloons and releasing a victim’s name into the skies, and as the last balloon flew the ladies say they hope just like all other victims of senseless tragedies, they won’t be forgotten. “As sad and horrendous as it was, all we can hope is something good comes of it because if no good comes of it, what is there to be had?”