Soup Can Sculpture in Bangor to Help People in Need 

An interesting piece of art will soon be helping families in need. For the third year, Hollywood Casino in Bangor has commissioned a local artist to create a can sculpture. All of the cans are filled with food, which will be donated to the United Way Pantry Project. This year Allison Melton made a polar bear with soup cans. In the past she’s created a Christmas tree and snowman. This time it took about 1400 small cans and 100 large cans to bring the bear to life. Melton says, “It’s always an exciting project for me because in addition to it being really fun, it’s something that allows me to make something that gets seen by people, gets consumed by people and it really helps people in our community that are in need. For me it’s a complete package.”John Osborne, Hollywood Casino General Manager, says, “In total it’s about 5000 cans of food between tuna, soup, those types of things that the U,nited Way is able to use at the food pantry to help the families in the area get through some difficult times.”Employees at Hollywood Casino have also collected canned goods for the United Way. The soup can sculpture will be taken apart and taken to the food pantry in early January.