For Bangor Firefighters, Working on Christmas is Part of the Job 

While a lot of people get to spend Christmas with their loved ones, some people have to spend the day working. For emergency crews, work doesn’t stop just because it’s a holiday. There are a lot of dedicated people at the Bangor Fire Department. ” 15 1/2 years,” said Phil Hilt. ” I’ve been here going into 23 years,” added Ronnie Green. For these guys it’s more than a job, it’s a way of life. ” I mean, I spend more time with these guys in a weeks time than I do with my own wife sometimes,” said Green. It’s a non-traditional family. ” This is my home away from home so I’m hanging out on Christmas Day with my extended family,” said Hilt. Phil Hilt is the resident chef this year. ” Spiraled ham and potatoes and peas and corn and bread,” listed Hilt. ” Bubba is an awesome cook,” said Green. It’s a good thing Hilt is pretty good at cooking, because he doesn’t want anyone else making the meal. ” I trust them all, but I probably wouldn’t eat it,” laughed Hilt, as another firefighter threw a roll at him. In all seriousness, these guys give up a lot to keep everyone safe on Christmas. ” I’m working a 72. I stepped up for another brother so he could enjoy the day off with his family,” said Hilt. ” I don’t think anybody really likes to have to work the holidays. Come in, cover these shifts, but we do it. That’s what we signed up for. We don’t mind doing it,” added Green. When calls come in, they leave, whether the meal is finished or not. ” It’s just another day for us. We gotta go to calls, we’re gonna jump up and go. We hate to leave a nice meal on the table like this, but we do it,” said Green. The members of the Bangor Fire Department do it every day, not just on Christmas. ” Anytime you go out and do something good for somebody out there you feel good about it. Ya know, no matter what it is, whether it’s a holiday or any day of the week,” said Green. So even though they don’t get to celebrate the holiday with their real families, the Bangor Fire Department family is a pretty good alternative.