Bangor Woman Creates The Cookie Affair 

A Bangor woman who spent most of her life working in banking had to come up with something new to do when she lost her job. Now, she’s turning her passion into a sweet success. If you’re looking for Kim Libby, the kitchen is a good place to check. ” I’m the cookie lady,” said Libby with a smile. She’ll tell you she has a sweet tooth, but clearly one treat stands out about the rest. ” I love everything about cookies and I love to see people smile when they eat them,” explained Libby. It started out as a hobby. Libby would bake cookies for her former co-workers. ” Just trying them is like, these are good enough, you gotta sell these and get them out there,” said Jim Differ, a former co-worker and now a cookie-taster. Libby’s love of cookies has turned into a full blown affair. ” The one affair your spouse or significant other won’t mind you having,” said Differ. Her business is called The Cookie Affair, and it’s definitely one to remember. ” It’s cathartic to me to be able to bake and have that end product be something that everybody loves,” said Libby. Right now, she’s baking out of her kitchen, and using word of mouth and social media to gain customers. ” Facebook is fabulous for getting your name out there and seeing who’s really interested in your product,” explained Libby. She has big dreams for her little cookies. ” I would love to be able to make enough of a profit to be able to give a certain percentage of my profits to either a charity or back to Bangor even, and do whatever I can to help people, because I love helping people too,” said Libby. Right now, she’s hoping she has the recipe for success, and that people will fall in love at first bite. You can learn more about The Cookie Affair by clicking here. The Cookie Affair has lots of special flavors, like coconut pineapple and cranberry white chocolate, and she also takes requests. Libby delivers cookies the same day she bakes them in the Bangor area, and she’ll ship them to you if you’re not within her personal delivery area.