Orrington Boy Donates 2,630 Gifts to Toys for Tots 

A little boy from Orrington is helping children his age in the Bangor area in a big way.Brayden Mott has been collecting gifts to give to Toy for Tots. Last year he rounded up more than 300 and this year he thought he’d go for 2012 toys – but he topped it with 2,630 toys.The Bangor Leadership Institute and a man from Cornith stepped in to help Brayden meet his goal.The 7-year-old said “Money from Canada’s been spent, money from Europe’s been spent. A lot of people wanted to help me.”Brayden’s Mom, Heather Mott said “It’s just been amazing. I’ve been getting calls everyday that there are checks and gift cards and toys and tons of stuff for him to pick up and it just hasn’t stopped.””I think this is probably one of the busiest years we’ve really had and of course Brayden with his 2,600 toys coming in and it’s been a real big help,” said Skip Young, the Greater Bangor Area Coordinator for Toys for Tots. Brayden plans to collect toys again next year, although he’s not sure what his goal will be.