State Employees, Retirees Raise $270,000 for Charity 

In just two months, state employees – and those who’ve retired from state jobs – collected more than quarter-of-a million dollars to help Mainers in need. Governor LePage announced the results Friday for the Maine State Employees’ Combined Charitable Appeal.The campaign raised $270,000, thanks to the efforts of 1,200 state employees and retirees.This is the 33rd year for the charity effort.Rob Gordon of the United Way of Kennebec Valley says, “As the next year unfolds and your gifts are given and appropriated to local communities, people that most of whom you’ll probably never know and never meet will benefit from your gifts.”The Governor added, “This year with the economy we’re facing, the economic forecast going south, having curtailments and having the people in the state, the state workers, get together and yourselves leading the way to raise money to help people around the state–it’s very rewarding.”Hundreds of charities are connected to the campaign but donors can also give to any organization of their choice.The money raised through this year’s effort will be distributed starting in January.