Sweet Assignment for Winterport First Graders 

First graders at the Leroy Smith Elementary School in Winterport are doing something fun and tasty to get ready for Christmas. It’s something their teacher has been doing with her classes for at least 20 years. Building a house isn’t easy: but in Mrs. Patteron’s class, it sure is fun! “My house is a gummy bear house and it has a heart on the side,” said Luke, a first grader. “It’s because you put stuff on it, all kinds of candy on it,” added Michael, another student. “The creativity is incredible,” said Heather Patterson, the teacher. The houses are made with graham crackers, frosting, and lots of candy. The kids even kept Santa in mind while they were designing their homes. “I have some gum for the chimney,” said Michael. “You jump down here and then you slide and then you go in here,” described Ruby, as she showed off her house. While most of the students decided on a chimney for Santa, Pheona had a different idea. “The chimney’s too small for him,” said the first grader. Don’t worry, she has a special way for St. Nick to get in her house. “It starts right over here. Santa comes through that and all the way around and comes out here and that leads to underground and it leads into the house,” explained Pheona as she pointed to her candy-made tunnel system. Each house is a little different, but one thing’s the same: Mrs. Patteron’s class can’t wait to take a bite out of their creations.