Be Careful About Feeding Your Pets Leftovers From Holiday Meals 

If you’re looking to give your pets a tasty treat this holiday you might want to be careful.Tis the season for a lot of things, and tops on many people’s lists, over-indulging at the holiday dinner table. But you need to be cautious not to let the family dog join in on this time honored holiday tradition.Dr. Matthew Townsend of Hometown Veterinary Care in Fairfield sees the results of those special holiday treats that for your pets can be the gift that hardly keeps on giving. “A lot of G.I. upsets. Vomiting, diarrhea all that kind of good stuff,” Townsend said. “And more severe cases pancreatitis where the pancreas gets overwhelmed. So that’s a big problem.”So what should we avoid giving our pets when it comes to scraps from the table this holiday season? “We really want to avoid those high fat foods. Those can cause severe pancreas problems in our dogs. Obviously we want to avoid bones as well as those can get in there, especially smaller bones, causing problems with perforations so we want to avoid those.”It’s probably best if our dogs skip desserts, even sugar free desserts, which contain things like xylitol, which may be okay for us, but can be dangerous for our dogs. “You want to avoid that. It’s very toxic in our dogs,” Townsend said. “It can take a very small amount to cause severe damage. Chocolate, again everyone hears about chocolate, that’s obviously a very severe problem. Especially in smaller dogs and if you’re feeding them dark chocolate. One ounce in a 10 pound dog for dark chocolate can cause severe toxic issues.”So if you want to play it safe for your pets you might want to stick to good old fashioned recipes, like Dog Chow and Meow Mix, for the holiday season.