Bangor Firefighters Donate More Toys For Tots 

Last week the Bangor Fire Department raised 2,500 dollars, then purchased a number of Christmas gifts for Toys For Tots.The local chapter of the International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers was inspired by their generosity.They donated an additional 2,200 dollars to purchase more toys.On Thursday night, the firefighters gathered at Walmart to get the presents. They told us they see children in distress all too often, and enjoy the opportunity to make them smile.”When we’re at work we’re typically seeing them in times of need and we’re helping them but not the way we’d like to. This gives us an opportunity to help them out the way we want to be by just making their day better and their christmas special,” said firefighter Casey Perry. Their goal was to fill an entire fire truck with toys.Unfortunately their truck was being used at a fire on Bangor’s third street while they shopped.