All Saints Students Take Shopping Spree Field Trip 

Students at All Saints Catholic School in Bangor took some time out of class to go shopping Thursday. The eighth graders bought gifts for families in need this Christmas. They spent the last few weeks holding fundraisers and collected more than $1,000 for the shopping spree. Then they brought everything back to class to wrap. Along with toys and games, the students also picked up some basic necessities, like coats, gloves and hats. Eighth grader Anna Davis says, “A lot of people nowadays are in need and deserve to have a good Christmas.”Homeroom advisor Melanie Walden says, “I told them it’s power shopping. They went in, they selected things, if you notice the clothing, they selected outfits. They’re very personal about everything and they’ve taking it personally and that’s what’s important.”The gifts will be given to families in the All Saints parish and the Holy Family parish in Old Town. Both parishes provide financial support to the school.