Harmony Taxpayers Frustrated With Supplemental Tax 

A number of taxpayers in Harmony are upset over a costly supplemental tax, to make up for a budget shortfall.The town gave some residents a bill close to one-thousand dollars just before Christmas. On Tuesday night, a public meeting was held at the Harmony School where selectman answered the questions of angry taxpayers.The auditors Brantner, Thibodeau & Associates discovered the 230-thousand dollar shortfall just two weeks ago. Now the selectmen are asking residents to foot the bill. Townspeople say they’ve bared enough of the burden. This year, they’ve faced a 25% property tax hike to make up for state funding that’s been lost as result of too few property valuations, being less than 70%. Many agree that the best long term solution is for a full town re-evaluation, for more equitable taxing. The last time that happened was 1988.