Coast Guard Suspends Search for Fishing Vessel 

The Coast Guard has suspended the search for a Gloucester-based fishing vessel that vanished with only a lifeboat and other equipment being found. The search ended Wednesday evening, a day after an empty life raft washed ashore in a marshy area of the Saugus River. Coast Guard spokesman Jeff Hall says some fishing gear from the vessel also washed up about 30 miles south on Nantasket Beach in Hull. The 45-foot scalloper Foxy Lady II and its two-member crew, from Deer Isle, left Gloucester on Saturday and failed to return that night. Onboard were the 26-year-old captain, Wally Gray Jr., and his 50-year-old crewman, Wayne Young. The Coast Guard searched more than 2,800 square miles with no sign of the fishermen. No distress call was received.