Students Helping Homeless Kids in their Community Through Song 

In the 7th grade music appreciation class at Leonard Middle School in Old Town, the students have learned an appreciation for so much more.”This is a way for kids to learn about music, but also learn to love giving,” said Shianne Priest, Music Director at the school.After a trip to the Shaw House in Bangor, a homeless shelter for kids and teens, the students learned to appreciate what they have at their own homes.”I thought it was kind of sad that they didn’t have the stuff some kids have at their homes like parents to welcome them home and feed them, but it’s also nice that they have the Shaw House to take care of them,” said Bret Perkins, a 7th grade music appreciation student.They wrote down their thoughts about home and shared them with 15-year-old singer/songwriter Lily Muscatell. She turned their ideas into a song called “Home is a Feeling.”Muscatell said, “It talks about the feelings that you get at home and what makes home ‘home’ as far as feeling safe, comforted and with people that you love instead of just a building or a place.”Muscatell recorded the song and now the school is selling CD singles to benefit The Shaw House and all the shelter does for kids their age. The class is hoping to make more than a CD this year and to really make a difference.CD singles of “Home is a Feeling” are on sale for $3.00 each to benefit the Shaw House. You can pick one up at Bull Moose or Bangor Photo in Bangor, the store Ampersand in Orono, or in Old Town at Leonard Middle School or the Old Town YMCA.The students’ fundraising goal is $2,013. The CDs will be sold until the end of the school year.