Police Find Suspects Linked to Veazie Armed Robbery 

Veazie police say they’ve figured out who held up a convenience store at gunpoint last month. One of the two suspects appeared in court Monday. 19-year-old Anthony Patricelli of Old Town is charged with robbery. He was already in jail, charged with violating bail conditions, when police linked say they linked him to the convenience store crime. Police say last month two men wearing gloves, with hoods up and their faces covered, went into the Veazie Mini-Mart and pointed a gun at the woman behind the counter.We’re told they made off with about $900 in cash. Police say none of the money has been recovered. A second suspect, 20-year-old John Taylor of Old Town, is already in jail, too. He was arrested earlier this month in connection with a home invasion in Old Town. Police say he and another man broke into an elderly woman’s home while she was sleeping and stole jewelry and other valuables. Taylor has not been formally charged with the convenience store robbery yet but we’re told he’s expected to be indicted by a grand jury soon. Bail for Patricelli was set Monday at $25,000 cash.But the judge revoked his bail on another case involving sexual exploitation of a minor, so he’s not allowed out of jail right now.