Cross Insurance Center Progressing Ahead Of Schedule 

If you drive Main Street in Bangor it’s hard not to notice the progress of the new Cross Insurance Center.The stated goal is for the Grand Opening to be Labor Day weekend next year.But there could be events happening there long before then, but not as early as what has been rumored as a completion date of the end of this year.”There’s several milestones throughout the project,” said Cianbro President Andi Vigue. “I can tell you we will not be done by New Year’s Eve, as much as maybe we’d like to be, but obviously we’ve got to finish this building and then transition everybody into the building and then go to the demolition so the demolition won’t start until next fall as scheduled. The big question comes when will the building be ready to occupy and there is a lot of training that goes along with that, but we are ahead of schedule.”The seats are all covered with plastic as work continues inside the arena. With construction ahead of schedule those in charge are already looking at filling empty dates on the calendar.”Technically we could be ready to host events maybe even in June,” said General Manager Mike Dyer. “Right now on the books we are planning on hosting the Bangor High School graduation June 9th and possibly a few other things during the summer and what in the business is called a soft opening event to make sure all the people we hire know what they’re doing and what’s expected of them and we can do it away from a little bit of the pressure of the Grand Opening which will be right after Labor Day, next September.”Cianbro executives said when they started this project they’d do it safely, on budget and ahead of schedule. According to Vigue those three things are still holding true and some of it is because they’ve had help. “It really comes from everybody willing to pitch in and work together and collaborate and we had numerous contractors come with good ideas on how we could advance the project a little quicker, we incorporated those and everybody worked together and on top of it Mother Nature was a little lax on us last winter.”