EMMC Unveils New Pediatric Cancer Treatment Center 

While few got to know Raish Peavey Haskell, countless will remember his name. “He was a very sweet child. He was very gentle and calm,” said his mother, Anita Haskell.A victim of a form of cancer called Retinoblastoma, the four year old died in 1977.Haskell said, “He was born with it and he died right after his fourth birthday. He died on Mother’s Day, he was buried on his papa’s birthday.”Today, though, his memory could very well keep others alive with the help of a new cancer treatment center opening in Brewer.”It’s just the realization of a dream,” Haskell explained.She raised approximately $1 million of the nearly $3 million used to renovate a space at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Brewer, moving and improving the hospital’s old pediatric cancer treatment facility.”Raish, whatever I did was so easy compared to what he did. He worked the hardest. He gave the ultimate contribution, you know, and I couldn’t ignore that,” said Haskell.The center is a major improvement in services, according to staff, who were formerly working out of the hospital’s old Webber Building. “Three times as big, fours times as big. Oh yeah, we worked kind of, we had like a closet. If you got to be here for a whole day, getting chemotherapy, if you can be in a room like this, then it’s a really good thing,” said Dr. Sarah Fryberger.Patients will be able to start using the new office next Friday.