The Bangor Community Helps Seniors Heat Their Homes 

There’s nothing like the holiday season. Not only to people give to each other, they also help people in need, but not everyone needs gifts under a tree. Many elderly Mainers need help heating their homes. “A senior’s body core temperature lowering just three degrees can cause Hypothermia,” said Eastern Area Agency on Aging Communications Director Carol Higgins Taylor. The Sunbury Village in Bangor decide to pitch in with the help of the Bangor Community. They held a Spaghetti Supper and raised over $1,100 for the people who rarely ask for help.The director said “They themselves would say “No, give it to the children” because they’re a very loving and giving generation, but they really need it to.”The dinner was really about seniors helping seniors. Community Sales and Marketing Manager, Deborah Wisdom said “The very first give dollars came from this community and the very last dollar came from this community.”Now Eastern Area Agency on Aging and Sunbury Village wants local businesses to step up to the plate. “We are challenging the Bangor community to come and match us,” said Wisdom.Sunbury Village says they will continue to support the Fuel for Seniors tradition. Even though the spaghetti was a hit, the chef has some plans for next year.Chef Barry Chase said “Maybe a stew or something like that. I enjoy beef items, slow cooked and other types like that.”If you’re a senior who is struggling with to pay for home heating oil you can call 1-800-432-7812or if you’d like to donate to the Eastern Area Agency on Aging, you can visit