Tattoo Studio in Belfast Collecting for Toys for Tots 

Erik Jones of Belfast is getting a good deal on this tattoo.”It’s a winner for me, because I’m getting a $200 tattoo today for $160,” said Jones.But whenever he looks at his new owl tattoo, he’ll probably think of his favorite childhood toy.”When I was a little kid, I always loved playing with those toys,” said Jones.And how some little one will be opening it this Christmas.Here at Permanent Expressions in Belfast, they’re collecting Toys for Tots.”It’s our third year doing it, basically, all it is, you bring a $20.00 toy in and we give you a $40.00 gift card. It’s a $50.00 minimum and it’s basically just trying to get toys for the kids around here,” said Joshua Ard, owner and artist.He has been doing this for the last three years to give back to his community.”You know, I grew up around here, and the economy is horrible. People have a hard enough time thinking about how they’re going to get Christmas for their own kids and family and it’s worse for some people, man, it always is. So, when everyone’s out shopping, if you could drop a toy off. It’s great that we can be a location for toys for tots, but it’s not us. It’s the people who bring them in,” said Ard.People like Jones who want to make sure his donation makes this holiday extra special for the child that gets it.”I hope that the kid that gets my toy, I hope it’s like the toy, you know? If it’s the only thing they get for Christmas, I hope they get to play with it all year round. I hope it really brings Christmas to that child, because that’s the idea,” said Jones.