Schools Still Lobbying For Position In New Four-Class Football Proposal 

With high school football trying to move to four classes, there are a couple of schools trying to move around from class to class. One of them is an Eastern Maine school. Under the new four-class proposal, which next goes to the MPA’s Classification Committee, Oceanside is currently placed in Class B East. So the program itself is relatively new, and with schools like Lawrence, Cony, and Skowhegan potentially moving down from Class A to Class B in the new system, the Mariners feel they would be at a competitive disadvantage. That’s why Oceanside is petitioning to move to Class B West. In the first draft of the four-class proposal, Oceanside was in B West, but in the latest update, the Mariners were moved to the East. The committee will meet on January 3rd and it’s expected that a decision will be made on Oceanside’s placement. Gorham is trying to make a similar move in the West, from Class A to Class B. If Oceanside and/or Gorham is not approved to move, they will petition to play down a class and be ineligible for the postseason. Either way, this will not only affect these schools, but the programs around them, and the schedules for next year may see some shifting.