Local Foundation Donates Smoke Detectors to Orrington Community 

Following last month’s fatal fire, a local organization donated smoke dectectors to the Orrington community.On Thursday, the Pine Tree Burn Foundation donated around $500 worth of smoke dectectors to the Orrington Fire Department.The firefighters there will be giving them to people in the community who don’t have one or need a functioning one.”I think even with the knowledge that smoke dectectors are important, there are still many homes, not only in Orrington but everywhere, that don’t have smoke dectectors or don’t have working smoke dectectors. It’s something that you might not think about until something happens and it makes you think about it, and unfortunately, sometimes it’s too late at that point,” said Shellie Tourtillotte, Public Education Officer at the Orrington Fire Department.The fire department will have these smoke detectors available during planned fire safety nights in town. Folks can also stop by or call the department if they need one.