Art Grant Allows Students to get a Hands On Experience 

Students at the Veazie Community School are keeping the arts alive thanks to a grant.The art program received a $3,153 smart grant, for schools making art relevant today. “It will benefit the whole school and for a long time, too,” said Art Teacher, Courtney Harvey. “Something like this really lets you take it to an extra level for the kids and just see the importance and see that somebody cares and we’re going to put extra into it because it’s important for them to learn.”The extra cash has gone toward new supplies, improvements, and an in-residence professional to help students learn about visual art. The Professional – Greg Ondo – is an Assistant Sculpting Professor at the University of Maine. “Working with younger kids is kind of refreshing and it really brings things back to a reality of where, kind of, we all started,” said Ondo.Greg and his wife, along with Mrs. Harvey explored grant options to enhance the ceramics curriculum – something they believe can help students in and outside the classroom.The professional in residence said “The problem solving aspect of life is something, as adults, everybody goes through every day and that’s one thing that art can help you do.”And with his help and the schools dedication to the arts, he might be seeing these students again.”In another 12 years they could be my students at the University,” said the UMaine Professor. Over the next three months, every student in the school will be able to work with a clay art project thanks to the SMART grant.