8 Year Old Boy Sending Christmas Gifts to Hundreds of Kids in Need 

If you ever need a reminder about the power of a small gesture, you need look no further than a half empty box of presents, and the eight year old boy who can barely see how far his good deed is reaching.”Because not a lot of people have fun on Christmas morning without presents, and they should have fun on Christmas,” said Brayden Mott of Orrington.Dressed in a Santa suit he bought for himself, Mott has spent the last year collecting toys for kids who might not otherwise have any.He said, “Last year, it was 322, and this year I’m trying to get 2,012.”With a goal set in honor of the year 2012, he’s teamed up with the Bangor Leadership Institute (BLI) to top his efforts in 2011. “To see Brayden have that passion to give back to kids who aren’t as fortunate as him is incredible. So, we’re happy to help,” said Matt McLaughlin, an alumni of BLI, who now works at the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce.The gifts will all go to Toys for Tots next week, giving hundreds of kids something to find under the tree come Christmas morning.”We probably have about $1,000 worth of toys that he’s collected, so far,” said Brayden’s mother, Heather Mott.The Maine Discovery Museum will have donation boxes in their lobby until Thursday, December 20. Anyone who stops by the museum Friday, December 14 with a toy will get free admission for the day.