Returning Constitutional Officers To Start At Incoming Salary Levels 

Democratic legislative leaders have agreed to pay lower salaries to three political appointees who previously held the same jobs. The Legislative Council, which has six Democrats and four Republicans, approved salary levels Wednesday for the State Treasurer, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Auditor, Clerk of the House and Secretary of the Senate. Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap, Attorney General Janet Mills, and House Clerk Millie MacFarland will be paid at incoming salary levels, rather than the salaries they were getting in in 2010 before Republicans took control of the Legislature:Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap – $69,264Attorney General Janet Mills – $92,248 House Clerk Millie McFarland – $83,532The vote on the salaries was unanimous, with all six Democrats and four Republicans who make up the council in agreement. “After careful consideration and consultation with our members we’ve determined it is appropriate and reasonable to set the salaries for the constitutional officers at the initial rate,” newly elected Speaker of the House Democrat Mark Eves said.Republicans had questioned whether the three should receive their previous higher salaries given the state’s financial troubles. After the vote GOP leadership was satisfied. “I wholly support the recommendation and we support the recommendation,” said House Minority Leader Ken Fredette of Newport. “I would also like to thank the constitutional officers. We all are here to do the work of the public. Generally we come in, knowing what we have to do. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in the way we’re progressing on this.” Dunlap served as Secretary of State from 2005 to 2011, Janet Mills as Attorney General from 2009-2011 and McFarland had worked in the House clerk’s office for more than 30 years.All three lost those jobs when Republicans took control of the legislature in 2010.All were recently returned to those positions with Democrats back in charge.