Addiction Recovery Facility Finds Permanent Home in Brewer 

Traditionally, the opening of a new building in Brewer wouldn’t be considered the setting of an old fashioned barn raising, but in 21st century times, one located on Center Street stands just as significantly for the community that built it.”I got involved with the Bangor Area Recovery Network, the BARN, right after I had gone through rehab,” said volunteer, Blake Manz, a recovered addict.Built to be a safe haven for those struggling with addiction or substance abuse, the BARN has given Manz and countless others a foundation of support since it opened in a temporary space in Bangor in 2009.Manz said, “People behind me, that come in the door, maybe now they know that there is a place they have.”The office is run by only one part-time paid employee and 18 others who, like Manz, give their time for free.”The people that work here stuffing the desk, answering the phone, cleaning the floors, setting up chairs, it’s all volunteers,” said Jean Baker, chair of BARN’s Board of Directors.They will be servicing a population in the greater Bangor area that might not otherwise get help. Baker explained, “In one month, we had like 1,000 people that came here just for 12 Step meetings.”But with the support of a community invested in its residents, the BARN is laying the groundwork for their recovery.