Plymouth Residents Plan Public Meeting Concerning Sewage Plant 

”I’ve seen it almost make you sick. A stench that you can’t explain. I have race horses. I have manure piles. I know what stink is. Nothing compares to it. It’s awful,” said Scott Mackenzie, a Plymouth resident.He is talking about an odor he says comes from the plant behind his property. Soil Preparation Incorporated has been doing business in Plymouth for more than ten years. They are a sewage processing plant.”This last, and I don’t know all of the process that’s going on there, but it was one of the worst summers ever, as far as odors go here,” said Mackenzie’s sister, Linda Seavey.She has planned a public meeting to talk to town officials, DEP and Soil Prep. management about possible solutions.It will take place Wednesday at 11 a.m. at the Grange Hall in Plymouth.”I don’t want to complain about somebody that’s trying to run a business, because we are self-employed, my brother’s self-employed, we have small businesses in town, and that’s not the issue,” said Leavey.She says it’s her way of life that’s being compromised.”When your business affects so many lives, then it’s an issue. It’s an issue that I have rights and I have rights to be able to breathe and enjoy the outside, the home that I’ve lived in over 60 years, that I pay taxes on, and be able to live the kind of life and the lifestyle that I want. Now, that’s taken away from me and that’s what I feel is wrong here,” said Seavey.Seavey says she can’t dry clothes outside, because the odor stays on them. She says it’s also affected her drinking water, which she recently had tested.”I have the reports that my spring read that the E. coli was, I’m not sure of the percentage, but he called us and said do not drink from the spring and the E. coli levels were up over 100%,” said Seavy.Management at Soil Prep. declined to comment, but said they will be making an official statement at the meeting.”I’d like to see it shut down. That’s probably not an option, but I’d like to see the DEP, somebody, just get it under control,” said Mackenzie.