Byer of Maine Donates Entire Stock of Emergency Cots to Hurricane Sandy Relief 

Byer of Maine is the largest supplier of emergency cots and folding furniture in the US, but following Hurricane Sandy, their inventory is gone.The outdoor living company had 10 thounsand emergency cots on hand when the storm hit the New York/New Jersey coast.Its 24-hour emergency response team distributed every single one of them the weekend the storm struck.Retailers like L.L. Bean and Cabellas will have to go without their products while they make more.Byer says the stores have been very understanding and are willing to wait considering the circumstances. “We are pleased to be a part of the emergency response system and our entire crew was here through the evening and late hours Saturday into Sunday, and late hours and so forth,” said Gerry Couture, Vice President of Byer of Maine.Byer says it will take between three and four months to replenish the retail stock, but the company says it’s happy it could help during the disaster.