Man Accused Of Bangor Carjacking In August Pleads Guilty 

A man facing a number of charges after a carjacking and high speed chase that began in Bangor last summer, is going to jail for seven years. Brian Swett was already on probation after serving 18 months of an 18 year sentence for drug trafficking charges in Kennebec County, Monday, he pleaded guilty to three of the new charges against him.Police say Swett broke into a vehicle in downtown Bangor in August, he later threatened a woman and took off in her car starting a high speed chase that ended after he crashed the stolen car. “In this case you have somebody who is minding their own business in traffic in Downtown Bangor, an individual approaches them, accosts them, orders them out of their vehicle and as I understand it there was a small dog in the vehicle that she was very concerned about that turned out to be fine through all of this but added to her concerns about what had occurred but I think the word carjacking itself has a connotation to it but robbery is taken seriously any time it occurs,” said Deputy District Attorney Mike Roberts.Along with the seven years for robbery, Swett was sentenced to a year in jail for eluding an officer and for burglary to a motor vehicle.He also was ordered to pay more than 46 hundred dollars in restitution to the owner from whom he stole the vehicle.