Maine Children’s Home For Little Wanderers Ecstatic To Reach Their Goal 

Kids in need all across Central Maine will have a Merry Christmas this year.It’s thanks to members of their community and a group of special volunteers.At times, this day seemed like it would never come. Those working in the Maine Children’s Home For Little Wanderers Christmas Program had seen some lean times, but nothing like this. “I absolutely at a point thought, ‘Wow, are we going to be able to get this done?’ Just looking at our Christmas site and the low level of inventory we had,” said Cristen Sawyer, head of the Christmas Program.Monday, they realized their goal. More than 1600 kids in need will have presents on Christmas morning. Members of the Thomas College athletic department showed up to help load and unload trucks filled with gifts. “We woke up nice and early. We told ourselves last night that no matter what, we’re getting up and we’re going to come out and help,” said Kate Thibodeau, a three sport star at Thomas.The boxes will he held in Waterville and Augusta, under tight security, until Wednesday and Thursday, when families will come to pick up their children’s gifts.For those who have been working on this project all year, on this day all their worries are gone with the knowledge that hundreds of kids will have gifts to open on Christmas morning. “It’s come to fruition. It’s gonna happen. It’s gonna happen for all 1660 children. I am so relieved. I will sleep well, I think, tonight, but especially next week when it’s all said and done. It is gonna happen and we have our donors and our volunteers to thank for that.”But there’s no rest for the weary. Now that this year is put to bed, it’s time to turn an eye toward next year.