Bangor Firefighters Donate Truckload of Toys to Kids in Need 

Bangor firefighters got into the holiday spirit Monday night. They hit the shopping aisles at Walmart in Bangor to pick up toys for kids in need.For the last seven years, the department has been working with the organization, Toys for Tots. Firefighter Casey Perry has helped with effort since the beginning, and said it helps makes Christmas special for kids who would otherwise have to go without. “We just see the difference we’re making. We’ve gone into the Toys for Tots warehouse, where it’s been pretty bare close to Christmas, and we’ve filled it right back up. It just feels good to be able to make sure everybody is going to have a Christmas,” explained Perry.The department raised $2,500 to pay for all the toys, which ended up filling an entire fire truck.After finishing up at Walmart, they delivered everything to the Toys for Tots distribution center in Brewer.