Accidents On Winter Roads Prompt A Lesson In Safe Driving 

In driver’s ed, teenagers learn the nuts and bolts of what every beginner driver needs to know.”We really teach the basics here and make sure that they understand that you’re not just going to get in the car and go,” said Danny King, Owner of Drivers Edge Driving School in Bangor.And it’s those basic tips that even experienced drivers need to remember when they hit the road on snowy or icy days.”Getting your car prepped up, window washer fluid, wiper blades in good working order, battery is able to withstand cold temperatures,” said King.As well as giving yourself plenty of time to get where you need to go safely.Deputy Sheriff Luke Gross of the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department said, “Safe driving unfortunately is a challenge, especially in Maine, especially near the coast where the conditions change so quickly. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean the temperature on the ground is above freezing, so there still may be ice on the road, there may be slush build up.” Because it’s not just teen drivers or inexperienced drivers who find themselves losing control on winter roads.King said, “Every time we go the speed limit, we observe a sign, our tires are in good working order, that’s one more step closer to being safe. So that’s what teen driving should be about, that’s what all driving should be about, being safe.