Troop 558 Finds a Different Way to Make the Holidays Special 

A small group of girl scouts from Levant wanted to give back to people who need toys during the holiday season.Every year troop 558 collects toys and donates to families, but this year, the troop was too small to collect enough toys, so they came up with another idea.The girls decided to go door to door and collect bottles on Saturday.The troop took the deposit money from the bottles and handed it over to the town of Levant.The troop leader, Marilynn Rediker said this project makes the girls thankful for what they have. “They’re fortunate and they know it and they want to help people and kids who aren’t so fortunate right now.”Troop 558 Members Racheal Rediker and Brianna Depuy said “It’s Christmas it’s really important. It makes kids happy and they’re surprised and they like toys and stuff.”The girls collected over 4,500 bottles, which is about $250 worth of deposits. The troop decided to give the donated bottle money over to the town of Levant, since the town has a directory of people in the area who are in need of gifts.