Oakland Couple Finds Support in Community After Christmas Gifts Stolen 

While Charlotte and Dell Lovejoy were sleeping, a real-life Grinch had broken into their home. “The packages here were gone and the packages I had done up or my nephew my they were all gone, they were all wrapped the gift certificates were all there stolen,” said Charlotte Lovejoy of Oakland.It’s the second break-in they’ve experienced since September. It’s left their famliy pretty shaken up.”To take stuff that doesn’t belong to them and to take stuff that they brought for a gift for Christmas to their relatives, it’s just a bit below the normal type. Why? Who could ever be low enough to do that,” asked their nephew, Alton Fuller.The Lovejoys won’t be filing an insurance claim.”I am not putting a claim in because people have given money,” said Charlotte Lovejoy.”Growing up, like, on Halloween, I’d go over there and they would give me a small box of cracker jacks and a two dollar bill, and they’ve been doing that for 13 years, and I heard about this and thought, what a better way to pay back a hundred dollars,” said life-long neighbor, Josh Madore, a criminal justice student.”He’s a great boy. He’s a good person and he cares a lot about them. I was very, very proud and it brought tears to my eyes when he called me up to tell me what he’d done and I was very proud of him,” said his mom, Lisa Madore.The Oakland Police Department had a suspect within 24 hours of the robbery. They did a full canvassing of the neighborhood and also received help from a tip.”We also ended up getting a tip on a suspect and we learned that the suspect was living at that residence. We had enough to go conduct a search warrant on the residence and we located Jason Horne. Jason had managed to get himself into the attic and he buried himself in insulation and we apprehended him out of the attic.”Horne is in custody at the Kennebec County Jail, where he awaits making his first court appearance for allegedly robbing the Lovejoys. Until then, they will go on with the holidays unbroken and amazed at the outpouring of support shown by their community.”Everybody has done so much to help us to get us through this and we’re going to manage, we are. We’re going to make it you know,” said Lovejoy.