Students in Clinton Receive Special Visitors for the Holidays 

It was a very special day for Clinton Elementary students.”Being the season, the holiday season, we decided to bring Santa’s reindeer in and the kids have just been so delighted to see their enthusiasm,” said principal Mike Tracy.They got to meet a reindeer named Freeway and her best friend, Baby.”They’ve seen enough kids and they pretty much expect that the kids are going to reach in and pet them, They enjoy the attention.”They also got to learn a bit about them, like how Freeway is actually a female.”Everybody thinks that they have the antlers, so they’re a boy. In reindeer, both the boys and the girls all have antlers,” said her owner, Ed Papsis.They learned how reindeer have a way of sticking together.”If it walks, it’ll have this clicking noise and it’s because there’s something in its ankle, so if there’s like a really bad storm or something, it’ll click when they walk and they’ll be a big herd of them so they know where they are.”Freeway’s owner says he has told Santa that if he ever needed to borrow her for Christmas, she’s always available for the job.