Local Shopper Wins IGA Sweepstakes 

One local shopper has a few more dollars in her pocket after winning a national contest, and a little extra go around.Sherrie Newcombe of Glenburn is the grand prize winner of IGA’s “Hometown Fest Sweepstakes.”She entered the contest at Bell’s Orono IGA, submitting several entries during the summer.She was one of three national winners to receive a one thousand dollar cash prize, and an additional two-thousand dollars to donate to a local community pet organization, compliments of Nestle Purina.After seeing an interview with the president of the Od Town/Orono Animal Orphanage on TV-5, Sherrie decided the funds would be best used in their hands.”Two thousand dollars is a lot of money for us at the orphanage because we depend on donations and we keep our adoptions down as low as possible so the animals can get adopted. So we have to make up that money by people donating.””And I always felt her sincerity and her dedication and then I looked her up on Facebook and read about it. I knew the money would go a long way there,” Sherrie said.Sherrie tells us she plans to use her winnings for traveling with her husband.