Students Prepare for Art Gallery Opening at UMaine 

University of Maine students are putting their college education on display. Senior art students have been working on their pieces since the start of the school year and now they are ready to show them off at the Senior Art Exhibition appropriately named: “Think. Make.” For the next month, community members can come to the art gallery and talk to the students. Senior art student, Katherine McPhail said “It will be fun to kind of talk about your pieces and have that dialogue happen with the community because that’s the most important part of art.”The walls of the gallery are filled with photographs, paintings, and everything in between. Senior art student, Caroline Robe has been working on her project for about a year. “It’s an egg tempera which is sort of an archaic media. You mix egg yolk with raw pigment, so it’s a very hands on kind of piece,” said Robe. Students have the ability to tell stories through their art work, one student received the inspiration for her wire sculptures when her grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Another student based her work on her trip to Europe. “In the class they learn about everything from resume writing, dealing with galleries, and framing their art work,” said Ed Nadeau, an assistant art professor. The professor said the art gallery is the defining moment for the seniors, transforming them from a student into a professional. “This work has really started me in a certain direction where I didn’t have a direction before,” said Robe. The gallery opening will begin Friday night at 5:30. Visitors can chat with the artist and enjoy some refreshments. The artwork will be on display until January 25th.