Sam’s Club and United Way Team Up for Food Drive 

Local food pantries need your help filling their shelves.Sam’s Club in Bangor and the United Way have teamed up.They are holding a food drive right at the store.They hope people will stop by and donated what they can.Especially with how tough things can get for families in the winter months.”Every time it gets cold, it’s always great, because people, they have to pick and choose where they put their money, whether it’s going to be towards healthcare for heating their house or feeding their kids,” said Communications Director of United Way Eastern Maine, Adam Lacher. “It’s tough times and it’s the holidays and we just hope that holiday time, you know, people are going to feel like, alright, I’m going to give a little bit to the people who need it most.”The drive will continue tomorrow from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM.It will be taken to the Good Shepherd Food Bank in Brewer and then distributed throughout local pantries.