Human Remains in Lisbon Almost Certainly Christina Fesmire’s 

The human remains found Tuesday in Lisbon still have not been positively identified, but family members of murder victim Christiana Fesmire have been told by police that investigators are all but certain the remains are hers.A forensic anthropologist from the State Medical Examiner’s office was on the scene as the human remains were removed. Fesmire’s former co-worker and neighbor Buddy Robinson was convicted a few weeks ago of her murder.In court, prosecutors say Robinson beat and drowned Fesmire in her own bathtub.”It’s a horrible thing for somebody to be murdered,” said Kayla Leet, a friend of Fesmire, “but to not have somebody to have closure with it is a horrible thing for parents, friends. She was well-known, well-liked so it would just make me feel better if there was somebody to put to rest.”>Lewiston police received a tip in connection to the Fesmire case, which led them to the scene where the remains were found.Buddy Robinson has not yet been sentenced.