“Epic Light Show” At Bangor Darling’s Auto 

20,222 lights were hung with care on the outside of Darling’s Honda, Nissan, and Volvo in Bangor.The impressive music and lights show features popular holiday music synced to the flashing lights. Last year the company won first prize for a commercial float in the city’s festival of lights parade. “This year the person that usually coordinates it was out and they asked me to do it and I said, well, lets kick it up a notch,” said Lynne Darling, co-owner of the dealership. “Well I was asked by a friend of mine who’s the marketing director out of Darlings, if I could pull something like this off and I’d never done one before so I said yeah, lets make it happen,” explained Scott Stitham, a lighting designer. Scott Stitham is a freelance lighting designer, he’s worked in theater for the past 12 years. He, along with the folks at Darling’s, were excited to produce a show where the lights are the main attraction. “Through our research, we did a little googe-ing and when you’re sitting in a corner and saying ‘yeah we should do it’ and eventually we all sat together and googled how to go about it,” said Darling.Stitham said, “It took three days to hang the lights and each song took about four to five hours to program, so there are only three songs but its a good chunk of change of time.”Consumers can purchase a pre-programmed light show through products such as “Light O Rama” — a software you can also design with — but Scott says he is looking to create more originals.” “Any project, any time of the year, it doesn’t have to be Christmas time. It could just be a residence,” said Stitham. And the people at Darling’s hope their one of a kind display will bring people over. “We love customers to just come in the door, in a pressure free environment where they’re not here to buy but , they’re here to look at the lights and get to know us as well as enjoy the hot chocolate and just enjoy the season,” said Darling.