Bangor Students Get Lesson in Giving Through Christmas Tradition 

For many years now, All Saints Catholic School in Bangor has been keeping up with one of their Christmas traditions.Wrapped in this tradition is a message for the students about giving.”We all are going to look forward to wake up Christmas morning to have gifts, and also to realize that we’ve got other people who may not have as many presents under the tree, and so it’s up to us and other people to help them,” said principal Joseph Gallant.They’re doing that by upholding a tradition that students before them have been participating in for at least a decade now.”The tradition is for our kids to bring in baby shower gifts and we lay them at the feet of Mary and then we donate them to St. Andre’s Home to help those who are a little less fortunate. I’m guessing we got over 300 gifts that we’re going to be able to donate to St. Andre’s Home,” said Gallant.St. Andre’s is a home in Bangor for young mothers and their children. It’s a lesson about helping those in need the students can feel proud of.”It feels really good to be able to help out with the community and know that you’re making a difference during the Christmas season,” said eighth grader Tommy Carmack.”I feel like we accomplish something when we come together as one Catholic school and community and give gifts to mothers in need,” said eighth grader Mike Labun.Every year, the hope is these young minds will remember how it feels to help those who are less fortunate and continue giving, especially during the holidays.”They get this life lesson and I know they’ll take with them into adulthood. I know the kids really looked forward, because they know, it’s part not just of our faith, but all faiths that it’s important that we give to others and so they really enjoy it, especially this time of year, Christmas, to be able to do this,” said Gallant.