Elf on the Shelf is Christmas Tradition 

Since 2005, elves have been hiding in homes throughout the world. They’re Santa’s helpers, making sure St. Nick knows who is being bad or good. The co-author of The Elf on the Shelf, Carol Aebersold, was in Bangor Tuesday morning. She’s an ambassador for Santa Claus. If you’ve never had an elf, you’re missing out. ” My elf’s name was Fizbee, ” said Aebersold. ” He’s pretty old now, but he still comes and I hope that he thinks I’m being a good gal.”Aebersold is making The Elf on the Shelf an international sensation. ” I love hearing the stories. I love seeing the kids,” said Aebersold with a smile. The tradition is something Aebersold grew up with and one day her daughter, Chandra Bell, suggested they turn it into a book. It’s a simple process. Parents adopt an elf to watch over their kids and the elf reports back to Santa. ” Parents, and I did this myself, would remind them what the elf was watching and they would, ” Oh, I don’t want Santa to know that” and immediately the direction of behavior would change,” said Aebersold. Every night, the elf heads back to the North Pole to give Santa an update. He’s magically back by morning, and usually hiding someplace new. ” Everybody gets to look at the elf, and everybody gets to see where it is and everybody gets to talk to it, and it just makes a real special time at Christmas,” said Aebersold. At a book signing in Bangor, The Elf on the Shelf is reaching new families. ” A good tradition passes from one generation to the next,” explained Aebersold. All of the elves up for adoption have been boys until this year. Now, girl elves are looking for families, too. Once you get your elf, you can register online and you’ll get an official adoption certificate from Santa. You can learn more about The Elf on the Shelf by clicking here.