Brewer Woman Charged with Sex Crimes Against Child Withdraws Guilty Plea 

Following a tearful plea for forgiveness, Katie Dube, 27, had a change of heart, withdrawing her guilty plea after hearing the judge’s sentencing range, 21-24 years behind bars.”I can only blame myself and take responsibility for my own action. I regret what I did so much more than I could ever fully express,” said Dube. Her testimony came after family of both her and the victim addressed the court during what was supposed to be a sentencing hearing. Dube pleaded guilty in October to sexually abusing a seven year old boy, over a six month period, with the help of her then boyfriend Terrence Pinkham, 27.A relative of the victim, who addressed the court, said, “The average person has no idea what hell that child has been through, and I pray that most people never do.”Citing a history of drug addiction and abuse at the hands of Pinkham, the defense argued it was his coercion that landed Dube in this place and therefore warranted a lighter sentence.Deputy District Attorney Mike Roberts said, “She’s obviously hoping, or was hoping, that she would receive something much less than even what the state was recommending here.”The change in plea means the case will now go before a jury trial, which Roberts said won’t necessarily help Dube, as it only continues to hurt the victim.”She keeps the pressure on the victim by not accepting responsibility,” said Roberts.According to Roberts, Dube can still change her plea and avoid going to trial. The maximum sentence for her crimes is defined as “any term of years,” but Roberts believes she would see no more than 50.