Forgotten Felines of ME Selling Baked Goods to Keep Cats Warm and Healthy this Winter 

A local organization is hoping to keep kitties warm this season.Forgotten Felines of Maine helps to keep cats neutered and healthy.The group hosts bake sales in the entryway of Marden’s in Brewer to help with their medical expenses. Forgotten Felines also has expenses for their heated barn where they keep abandoned cats.With such a high population of feral cats in Maine, volunteers say their work is never done.”More cats come in. As they come in we trap them, spay them, take the food over for the people to keep feeding them, so as long as there are stray and feral cats we’re going to be here,” said Robin Fisher, a foster mom for Forgotten Felines.Their last bake sale of the season will be held at the Brewer Marden’s on Sunday, December 16.